Anirban Datta


Kalikshetra was the name of the forested land on the eastern banks of the Bhagirathi (Ganges) River around the old temple of Kalighat in southern Bengal, infested with dacoits, deathly tropical diseases, poisonous snakes and wild animals where British merchant Job Charnok had to debark and make settlement. The city of Kalikata/Kolkata (Calcutta) was born with Goddess Kali coded in the name. Between its rise and decline lays the fundamental shift of polity from pre-colonial, through the colonial up to the post-colonial age. With all its achievements and shortcomings I can’t but stop loving the city, as it is my contemporary, and I’m an insider. Sharing a personalised and subjective historical consciousness around, exploring creative ways to connect the different times with the present, weaving in many told and untold facts, anecdotes and relics around trade.

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Anirban Datta started his career as a screenwriter before he joined SRFTI as a student of Direction and Screenplay Writing.

“Tetris”, his diploma film from SRFTI in 2006, premiered in Cannes ’06 and “Chronicle of an Amnesiac” received the Rajat Kamal at the National Film Awards (2007).

He has served as a jury member for Indian National Film Awards 2008 and has taught as an Assistant Professor at FTII. He is also working as a visual and installation artist and has participated in a multi-discipline art collective for Khoj International Artists’ Association, and Vasudha Art Festival Bhubaneshwar.

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