IIHS Urban Lens Film Festival

A one-of-a-kind international film festival that brings together filmmakers, academics and practitioners to dialogue with each other on cinema and the urban experience. Curated by the IIHS Media Lab, the festival has presented over 200 films of various genres from 41 countries in 37 languages.


Past Conversations

On Practice: Ratheesh Radhakrishnan in conversation with Rajeev Ravi​

Trisha Gupta in conversation with Girish Kasaravalli

Dibakar Banerjee in conversation with Ranjani Mazumdar

Ramana Dumpala in conversation with Zohrab Reys Gamat

Gautam Bhan in conversation with Paromita Vohra

Gautam Bhan in Conversation with Anand Patwardhan

Shabani Hassanwalia in conversation with Pushpa Rawat & Ankur Rawat

The Future of Documentary Practice in the Digital Age: A Funder's View