Bismaar Ghar (Withering House)

A house gives us a sense of belonging. It envelopes us and protects us. It is a symbol of the time, the culture, and the beings that it inhabits. A house has a unique identity, like a living, breathing being. Each one different, with its own perks and glitches. Bismaar Ghar (Withering House) is an observational piece about Maheshbhai, Tarunaben, Ganpatbhai and their house. Living in a hundred year old house for the past 20 years in the heart of Ahmedabad, they have decided to move on to a new apartment they got under the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme. With changing times and circumstances, are are moving towards a strange kind of uniformity under the shadow of ‘urbanism’ and ‘development’? Or our traditional structures are failing to cater our needs anymore? All these questions are visible in our most personal embodiment - our house.

Shreyas Dasharathe comes from Pune and is currently a student of film at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. He has worked as a short film club curator, a content writer, and a feature film assistant director before getting into NID. “Bismaar Ghar” is his first documentary short film as a director before which he has made a short fiction film and worked as a writer on some small scale independent projects. He is interested in exploring cinema as an art form rather than just a storytelling tool