Rajanna and Geeta arrive in the city in the fond hope of building a cozy little home. When they discover just such a house, their happiness knows no bounds. Things are fine till, one day; a workshop opens up next door and brings with it a wide variety of sounds. When the noise crosses the bounds of tolerance, Rajanna is indignant but cannot do much, until he discovers that his wife has achieved the impossible task of getting the shed vacated, but only by yielding to the demands of the police inspector. Rajanna now wants to take Geeta away from the environment. He seeks the help of the workmen who had earlier occupied the shed, but discovers that their slum is being demolished to make way for a multinational.

Girish Kasaravalli: A Gold Medalist from FTII, Pune, Girish has made 14 films in a career spanning 4 decades. All his films have won national, international and Karnataka state awards.

He has won the President’s Lotus award 17 times and is the only South Indian Film Director and the fourth Indian Director (the other two being Satyajit Ray Mrinal Sen and Buddhadeb Dasgupta) to win the Presidents Golden Lotus Award four times.

His maiden venture Ghatashraddha had the distinction of being shown in Museum of Modern Art, New York and has been voted as one of the 20 best films made in the 100 years of Indian cinema by the Film Critics and Film lovers of India. His 14 films have picked up 25 national awards 45 state awards and 21 international Awards so far, and the President of India has conferred Padmashri to him for his service to Indian Cinema.