Facing The Sun

Amongst Beijing’s vast sprawl, a discontented urbanite attempts to reconnect with his estranged father. With no real family, distant friends and tormented by unrequited affection, Sheng is prompted to reach out to his father. After leaving multiple voice messages, he is finally faced with the truth he had wanted so badly, yet now seems so hard to swallow.

Facing The Sun explores the relationship between Chinese urbanisation and the family unit. Whilst documenting the rapid growth of the city, this film explores the emotional shortcomings of Beijing’s overnight transition, from ancient capital to a thriving modern metropolis. Facing The Sun is a story of abandonment, alienation and discontent in an ever-changing city.

Jordan Hardy is a Film Production graduate and independent filmmaker whose work often explores urban life.

He is especially interested in exploring the social and psychological effects of urbanisation, particularly in East Asian countries. With a background in photography, Jordan is an aspiring cinematographer and has worked across most areas of moving image, from documentary, fashion films, advertising and drama. He is currently learning Mandarin Chinese, as it is his ambition to work within the Chinese film industry.