Gumnaam Din

Gumnaam Din is a film about missing days from calendar of missing people who left to faraway cities for work. Gumnaam Din situates itself in a season of waiting, climate of uncertainty: where only a loud screech can register distance between loved ones. Guided by Batalvi’s Birha poetry, Gumnaam Din, explores yearnings, both from the perspective of the missing and those who wait endlessly. Will they be found? Do they want to return? Gumnaam Din explores these days of obscurity, escape and abandonment, in everyday life.

Ekta Mittal co-founded Maraa, a media and arts collective in Bangalore ( in 2008. She works there as a practitioner, researcher, curator and facilitator around issues of gender, labour and caste in rural and urban contexts. She also works with creative practices in public space, through independent production and collaborations with other artists. She also makes films around labour, migration and cities since 2009. Her films on migration are under the film project called Behind the Tinsheets (