Hamare Ghar

Kamla works as a full time maid in Raj and Simran’s house. Simran is affectionate and regularly showers Kamla with gifts and old clothes. In this ‘modern’ home, there is no obvious violence and hierarchies but, as Kamla slowly realizes, it is hidden behind caring words and gestures of love. When Pihu, Kamla’s younger sister, arrives such underlying tensions come to the fore and Kamla is forced to take a decision. The film attempts to understand a class relationship in an atmosphere of love and affection. Here, the violence is not physical but structural, part of everyday actions and words.

Kislay, a freelance filmmaker, is a recent alumnus of Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. Before moving to films, he was extensively involved in theatre. He has made three shorts and is currently working on his first feature length film. He was one of the ten students selected for International Student Film Camp, in Serbia and the only Indian filmmaker who was asked to showcase his work in European League of International Arts (ELIA) in 2015.