Into the Unknown

Into The Unknown is a film about the famous Charles Correa Architecture of the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown. The centre houses cutting - edge cancer research and a clinic for cancer patients. It is erected next to the pier from which Portuguese caravels sailed to the Indies. The film is a culmination of few Correa obsessions that include the importance of location, history, investigations of culture and the aspirations of society.

Sankalp Meshram has been practicing as a writer, producer, director and editor of films in Mumbai for the last 24 years and has completed more than 150 film projects. He has received five National Awards apart from many other citations and awards from other forums. He has been involved in both fiction and non-fiction films. He has directed popular television shows like “Surabhi”, “Kaleidoscope” and “Good Food Guide”.

In 2013, he wrote and directed “Into the Unknown”, a film on Charles Correa’s architecture. The film was shown at the opening ceremony of Charles Correa’s Exhibition at London titled India’s Greatest Architect. The film has subsequently been shown in more than thirty film festivals.