The experience of a gendered urban landscape - where the gaze, the voice and the body are at all times under surveillance. What if the multiple surveillances were to be turned upon themselves to observe what is contained in the everyday. The film explores whether there is a sense of ownership, of belonging to the city. Can a woman in the city, - as she continuously negotiates the polarities of anxiety and comfort - be free? Somewhere just under the surface of the `normal’ and in the lives of women cab drivers lie signs of reclamation of space and the gaze.

Sameera Jain has worked as an editor and filmmaker for almost three decades. She has edited several award winning films – documentaries and some fiction (feature) films. Her directorial ventures, `Portraits of Belonging’ and `Born at Home’ have been awarded and acknowledged for cinematic excellence at various festivals and forums across the world. She teaches filmmaking at several institutions in India, including her Alma Mater the Film &TV Institute of India, Pune.