Mod is an attempt by the filmmaker at communicating with the young men who hang out at the ‘notorious’ water tank in her neighbourhood in Pratap Vihar, Ghaziabad. The water tank is a space that is frequented by the so-called ‘no-gooders’ of the locality, a place where they play cricket, play cards, drink and smoke up. When she enters the space with her camera, the boys are curious and at the same time wary of it and her. They sometimes resist, sometimes protest, and at times, open up. As the film unfolds we get a hint of the lives the boys lead and the fragile world they create for themselves at the water tank.

Pushpa Rawat: Pushpa has an MA in Philosophy, but her heart has been in filmmaking ever since she attended a filmmaking workshop. That first brush with cinema drew her in and she continues to love the feeling of exploring the world through the camera. She was one of the filmmakers of the short workshop documentary Kyon that went on to be shown in many film festivals and workshops.