No Ângulo das Ruas (Around Corners)

Lourenço Marques and Maputo, two cities separated by time, that occupied the same space. But the dimensions of one get mixed up with the past events of the other. It's been 41 years since João, a Portuguese man, the father of the director, left Mozambique. This was one year after the country became independent from Portugal. In this film the director travels to Maputo, the capital, former Lourenço Marques, for the first time, bringing her father's memories and the desire to meet the people that live in this post-colonial city today.

Inês was born in Portugal (1987). She holds an international Master’s degree in Cultural Narratives and a second Master in Documentary Film from University of the Arts London (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s Scholarship). Inês has been involved in several artistic, cultural and pedagogic projects. She is a member of Gato Aleatório Colective based in Lisbon, with whom she organizes MOVIMENTO: laboratory and exhibition of collaborative cinema.