Dadi and her friends share a common history; of being Partition refugees who came to India after the state of Pakistan was created and eventually settled in the capital of Delhi. They also remain the last generation of people who can ever tell us again what the partition of Punjab was like, or what even pre-partition India was like.
Pichla Varka looks at the experiences of ordinary women who experienced the violence and uncertainty of leaving their homeland (their mulk) to enter a new country in 1947. How does history play out on ordinary lives and where do households and properties merge.

Priyanka’s work explores the themes of memory, landscape and relationships of people to places. Her previous films include A Summer Flu, Shape of Trees, Shame was a place inside and The Furnished Room. Her work has been exhibited at Oberhausen, Rotterdam, York, Calagary, Mumbai and Kerala. She currently lives and works out of Manali.