Marina, Alla and Viktoria are taxi drivers in one of the fastest and toughest cities in the world Moscow. These are not just any taxis, these are the Pink Taxis created especially for women and driven by women. Making there way through the deep of the night in the breathtakingly beautiful city, the women taxi drivers pine for their lost loves and youth. Every day, the new generation of women is sitting on the back seat of their taxis. These women seem to live in a different Russia: modern, successful, untroubled.

Writer, Director born 1968 in Schwerin

1989 – 1995 Studies of Physics at Humboldt University Berlin and Informatik at Technische Universität Berlin, studies of theatre science at FU Berlin
1992 – 1999 Projectionst in the various cinemas in berlin / founder of the cinema BALASZ (1994)
1995 – 2003 studies of directing at Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen “Konrad Wolf”
since 1999 director/author Film + TV
2001 Winner of the German Film Price „LOLA“ for the Best Documentary with HAVANNA MI AMOR
2007 Grand Jury Prize Nomination SUNDANCE for COMRADES IN DREAMS
since 2006 Member of the German Film Academy
since 2007 Teacher for masterclasses in Bolivia, India, Russia, Germany, North Korea, Vietnam
2010 Member of the Masterclass 3D FILMMAKING AND STORYTELLING of the European Film Academy with Alain Derobe (3D Supervisor of PINA by Wim Wenders)
2012 Film Retrospective Moskau
2018 Fellowship ARTIST IN RESIDENCE in Hong Kong

A film about the senior home of HOLLYWOOD, shooted in Hollywood, LA (2018)