"It appears clumsy, doesn't have claws or sharp teeth. It doesn't have the agility of the big cats, yet it continues to rule its environment. Why is it so? Because the rhino doesn't try to be somebody else. It works on its strengths. It understands its limitations and works around it and even makes it its strength. Whatever the rhino does – he does with great intensity."
- from The Rhino Principle (Impulse Marketing Pvt Ltd)

A Direct Marketing business preaches a mantra to its employees – The Rhino Principle promises wealth and success to anyone who can follow it absolutely. The analogy of the single-horned rhinoceros didn’t make much sense to us at first, but as Prerna Bishnoi and I began to follow the lives of door-to-door salesmen, the role of motivation in corporate delegation became clearer. Rhinos follows a day in the life of a direct marketing professional as he takes on The Rhino Principle and the city.

Sindhu Thirumalaisamy is an artist based in Bangalore, India. In her work she often attempts to move cinema into realms of experience beyond the screen. Prerna Bishnoi is an artist currently based in Delhi, India. In her work she is interested in exploring and experimenting with theatricality and live performance and its interaction with video.