Story of a Sp[eye]

Sir Francis Bacon’s oft-quoted ‘Knowledge is Power’ has taken a new life in the 21st century in the form of ‘Lens is Power’. That is right. Our everyday lives have become ‘events’ under the prying eyes and eyeing lenses. The burgeoning numbers of cameras, in the name of surveillance and security, have come to replace the proverbial omnipresent eyes of God. And who knows, perhaps the omnipresent eyes of God are also under surveillance!

The Story of a Sp(eye) attempts to bring forth this menace from the perspective of the prying cameras themselves. The camera that records a general day in the lives of people feels good about its endeavours. However, there is another camera that is observing what the aforementioned camera is doing. And more than good the second camera feels powerful. However, the mighty beast among them all is the CCTV. What the CCTV observes is meta-knowledge. Disturbing all binaries, it makes the observing, the observed; the powerful, the powerless; the everyday, the eventful and the private, the public.

And what if this all-powerful sp(eye), witness to all things human and non-human, is itself immoral? What then is left of reality?

Chan, Chandrakanta Patel, Kavina Patel, Saubhagya and Swati Pathak: A group of 5 individuals, this film is a collaborative effort. The preliminary script was written by Kavina and Swati, which underwent post-mortem through an excruciating process of brainstorming by all the members. The film was shot in just one day with the assistance of all under the ‘surveillance’ of Chan and Saubhagya, who after gaining this power went on to spearhead the Editing process, too! The Media Lab of IIHS, were our generous and meek CCTV.