In the extraordinary Egyptian city of “Suez”, the Egyptian revolution was born and the film features its entire special divided story. The Suez born young filmmaker invites the audience to share his internal meditative look at the very special periods of time in his life. Using the director’s voice over, animation scenes, and a poetic style of sound design and cinematography, the film tries to decode the mental and psychological structure of the currently so called as “the Egyptian revolution’s generation”.

Ahmed Nour: Nour is a 34 years old Egyptian screenwriter and filmmaker. He studied Media studies and documentary filmmaking. He used to work as assistant director in several Feature films and soap operas in the Egyptian mainstream cinema market. He wrote and directed several short films that participated in international film festivals and won some awards. He also wrote and directed several documentary films for TV channels. He wrote, produced and directed his first feature length film for cinema “MOUG” aka “Waves” that participated in forty-five international film festivals, won several awards, and has obtained international positive reputation in the cinematic circles. Nour currently works as a freelance film director and screenwriter.