Bernd and Zoltan live in Munich under a bridge called "Wittelsbacherbrücke“. They keep themselves above water by collecting deposit bottles and by their sculptures made of snow, which the passersby along the river Isar give money for. Several months the director accompanies the protagonists, whose situation is fundamentally changing during this time. Bernd takes a path that seems to lead him out of homelessness, but also Zoltan is forced to leave his camp.

Alexander Bambach was born near Stuttgart, Germany in 1991. After a one-year internship at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg, he trained as an audio-visual media designer with focus on film and television at Bavaria Film GmbH in Munich from 2012 to 2015.

Beside his commitment to professional film productions, Bambach shot his own short films “Apart” and “MonoPoly” that he developed in the course of his training. Currently he is independently working as a director and cameraman. He has also participated on stage in theatre in Munich. In February 2016, Bambach started the shooting of his documentary “Stopover” which celebrated its premiere at DOK.fest Munich in May 2017. His first long feature film so far has also participated in Zimbabwe International Film Festival and Biberacher Film Festival.